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Call Centre Information  

Call Centre Information

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A call Centre is an office where a company's inbound calls are received, or outbound calls are made. Call Centres are increasingly popular in today's society, where many companies have centralised customer service and support functions. Call Centres employ many staff in customer service, sales and support functions.

Call Centres are often large offices staffed with representatives who either make or receive phone calls. Depending on the size of the Call Centre, a single office could have anywhere from a few dozen to hundreds of telephone staff. Depending on the needs of the company, Call Centres can make either incoming or outgoing calls. Some Call Centres focus on answering inbound calls, such as a bank that gives out a toll-free number for customers needing assistance. In that case, Call Centre representatives can give account balances and take loan applications over the phone. Other call Centres focus on outbound calls, such as a survey company. In that case, survey representatives make outbound calls to ask people to answer survey questions over the phone.

Call Centres provide a number of advantages to companies. By centralizing telephone-based service and support in one location, companies can easily adjust staffing to match call volume. Call Centres can be located almost anywhere, allowing companies to take advantage of time zones and cheaper labor rates in different states and countries. Call Centres also centralize the technology needs of companies, allowing major telecommunications setups to be installed in a small handful of Call Centres instead of a number of smaller offices, making upgrades and training easier to complete.

Many Call Centres use a number of different technologies to help improve performance and customer experience. Inbound Call Centres often use automatic call distribution, in which incoming calls are assigned to representatives on the order they are received. Other call Centres utilize call monitoring, in which customer calls are randomly monitored by quality assurance staff to ensure that phone representatives meet customer needs. Call Centre technology evolves constantly, helping call Centre staff assist customers more efficiently and effectively.

Call Centres have been increasingly popular as outsourcing increases. With outsourcing, companies contract out some functions to other companies. As it can be expensive to maintain call Centre equipment and staff, some companies choose to outsource their telephone functions to an external call Centre. In this case, external Call Centre staff can be trained to answer phone calls from a number of different companies.

Varieties of call Centres

  • Contact Centre – Supports interaction with customers over a variety of media, including but not necessarily limited to telephony, e-mail and internet chat.
  • Inbound call Centre - Exclusively or predominately handles inbound calls (calls initiated by the customer).
  • Outbound call Centre - One in which call Centre agents make outbound calls to customers or sales leads.
  • Blended call Centre - Combining automatic call distribution for incoming calls with predictive dialing for outbound calls, it makes more efficient use of agent time as each type of agent (inbound or outbound) can handle the overflow of the other.

Unionization of call Centres

Unions in North America have made some effort to gain members from this sector, including the Communications Workers of America. In Australia, the Call Centre Workers Union represents unionized workers; their activities form part of the Australian labor movement. In Europe, Global Union of Switzerland is involved in assisting unionization in this realm.


Currently, there are no universally bracketable international standards, other than ISO 9000 series, available for the industry to follow up. However, there are some guidelines and standing operating procedures available on the internet.

Call Centre dynamics

Types of calls are often divided into outbound and inbound. Inbound calls are calls that are made by the consumer to obtain information, report a malfunction, or ask for help. These calls are substantially different from outbound calls, where agents place calls to potential customers mostly with intentions of selling or service to the individual. It is possible to combine inbound and outbound campaigns, but it is not a common practice.

Call Centre staff are often organized into a multi-tier support system for a more efficient handling of calls. The first tier in such a model consists of operators, who direct inquiries to the appropriate department and provide general directory information. If a caller requires more assistance, the call is forwarded to the second tier, where most issues can be resolved. In some cases, there may be three or more tiers of support staff. If a caller requires more assistance, the caller is forwarded to the third tier of support; typically the third tier of support is formed by product engineers / developers or highly skilled technical support staff of the product.

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