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Call Centre Training  

Call Centre Training

Here are our methods of call centre training when dealing specifically with call centre jobs. Clearly there are many different types of business out there. A smaller business might wish to deploy a small contact centre and thoughts and comments on the training in their contact centre in its entirety might appear slightly overwhelming. Here below are a few examples provides for training and can provide the best-practices, skill sets, and techniques.

Call Centre Professionals can learn to:

• Immediately build rapport and connect with customers
• Reduce escalated and repeat calls
• Use professional inbound call management procedures to handle every call with skill
• Use voice tone and key words to build empathy
• Delight upset and complaining customers
• Increase inbound call productivity and quality of the agent
• If relevant, up sell and cross-sell Plus
• The 32 Must Phone Rules
• The PILOT Call Monitoring Form
• Call Centre Metrics and Industry Standards
• Optional E-mail and Web Agent Module
• Up selling and cross-selling techniques
• Customer care recovery techniques
• Use of auto attendants and voice-mail
• Manage stress, image, and attitude
• Customer Satisfaction Checklist
* Reduce wrap up time
* Reduce data entry error
* Reduce agent stress
* Improve motivation
* Improve agent retention
* Increase Accuracy & Quality

Happier Staff, Happier Customers Research, taken from nearly 500 Call Centre clients, proves that agent training has a major effect on motivation within the Call Centre environment.
In-depth training needs can consist of, and is not limited to:

* Operations to no longer be constrained by location, breaking down walls or barriers.
* High availability IP network with end-to-end quality of service for both the LAN and WAN. This is a key enabling technology and provides the ubiquitous transport required by all the key resource elements of a virtual contact centre. It’s worth noting that businesses in general are now able to plan for a more data-centre-centric approach to all their applications.
* The centralisation of voice processing, contact centre and related applications while allowing distribution of inbound and outbound call routing from and to the PSTN. Economies of scale and call handling efficiency are much improved by this model.
* Agents to work from virtually anywhere that a secure and fast IP connection can be provided. The prevalence of high-speed broadband supports the notion of agents working with no more than a laptop and a headset at a home office location.
* Supervisors and managers to have easy access to consolidated real-time and historical reporting data across thousands of agents. By centralizing the voice processing and skills-based routing engines, reporting is also centralized.
* More flexible working and business continuity from the perspective of the agents; facilitating improved agent morale from a hygiene factor perspective. Work–life balance can be better accommodated; it has been found that agent retention, morale and the available talent pool is all improved. Business continuity is improved as events that stop commuting or a primary workplace from being available have less of an impact.
* Easier business continuity and disaster recovery planning. The contact centre can be virtualized across two locations to provide geographic redundancy. The agents and gateways can all be serviced from the alternative site via IP.
* Business process engineering. Knowledge workers can be delivered into the call interaction with the customer to improve customer satisfaction and to allow front-line agents to respond more quickly to customer calls.

What about other ways that a contact centre can implement?

As a call centre manager, recruiting people into your organization is one of the most important things you will do.  Fail to get this right and the chances are that you will have under-performing people, de-motivation and high turnover. This is hugely costly in terms of further recruitment, training and poor service or lost sales.  However, many recruitment campaigns are still ill-conceived, poorly planned and under-resourced.

Do you really understand who it is that you are looking for?
Does your advertising really attract suitable candidates?
Are you using the most appropriate media?
Who is going to be involved, and have you got the resource to do this properly?
How many telephone interviews are you going to have?
Are you going to run Assessment Centres?
What will the Assessment Centre involve?
Have you got a qualitative assessment system to score the interviews?
Do the people undertaking assessment have the necessary skills?
Have you stuck rigidly to this process, regardless of cost or resource involved? specializes in developing the hidden gifts and talents of your customer service and sales teams through tailor made training solutions that build and develop positive customer relationships. Call us today on 0871 875 7000 for a quote, or more information.

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