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Call Centre Software specialises in Call Centre Software for your services and sales teams that build and develop positive customer relationships.

Call Centre Software is available for whether your team is just a handful of sales or service specialists, or 200 – 1000 + seat contact centre operation. Our pioneering solutions will provide your people with the skills, techniques and behaviors guaranteed to enhance your customers’ experience.

Virtual Call Centre Technology

A virtual call centre is a call centre in which the organization's representatives are geographically dispersed, rather than being situated at work stations in a building operated by the organization. Virtual call centre employees may be situated in groups in a number of smaller centres, but most often they work from their own homes. This is an attractive arrangement for many employees: they are often flexible, and there's no dress code or commute. For the organization, the virtual call centre model saves housing and equipment costs and can lead to lower employee turnover rates, which tend to be high for physical call centres.

To appear professional and increase customer confidence, even bricks and mortar call centres attempt to present customers with a virtual representation of an organization's offices. The customer, dialing a customer service or technical support number, is given the impression that their call reaches a physical department within the organization, when in fact; it is likely to reach a company that out supports for several different organizations. In the case of the virtual call centre the customer's impression is even more illusory, as the number is quite likely to reach the kitchen of a stay-at-home parent, or the dorm room of a university student.

IVR (Integrated Voice Response) Inbound and Outbound

IVR outbound solution allows companies to create sophisticated and personalized messages which interact with callers. By automating processes, clients have seen a dramatic increase in productivity and profitability.

Small businesses can benefit from an inbound IVR service.  Businesses need to route calls quickly, accurately and economically in order to meet the increasingly complex needs of today's customer.

Emergency alert phone systems

With the emergency alert phone systems and service, database can broadcast emergency notification messages to thousands of households warning of natural disasters such as severe weather warnings. Emergency alert systems Pre-recorded warning messages can be played providing the community with travel warnings and advising them where to seek shelter.

Emergency broadcast systems likewise can provide other safety instructions. Emergency communications can provide warnings to specific neighborhoods or communities in the event of a wildfire or chemical spill.

Call recipients can contact emergency operators that are standing by to handle special individual emergencies. The emergency phone dialer can broadcast messages seeking volunteers or special assistance from emergency response personnel.

PACER phone system

The PACER phone system is a PC based call centre and office phone system supporting digital phone lines. These phone systems are recognized as premier inbound and outbound computer telephony systems.

Features such as automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR) and call recording have added a new dimension to the Predictive Dialer and auto dialer capabilities of this system.

The Voice Broadcasting with Text To Speech software acts as a stand-alone solution that is ideally suited for ACD and IVR. The computer telephony software and soft phone opens this phone system to outside applications and developers.

When combined with the Customer Relationship Management CRM software, these Predictive Dialers and IVR systems are complete call centre software solutions. The call centre can become instantly more productive with more calls handled by fewer agents, including work at home employees. The predictive dialers far outpace old predictive dialer technology.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software tool empowers the users with the ability to create telemarketing and CRM applications and call centre software. Installed in call centres throughout the country, it set the standard for power and flexibility with its contact centre technology. With rich contact management software features and computer telephony integration including predictive dialing and predictive dialer software, the CRM software has powered both inbound and outbound centres for more than a decade. With the unique ACD call routing system, agents can work in a traditional call centre or from home.

Computer Telephony

Computer telephony integration, also called computer-telephone integration or CTI, is technology that allows interactions on a telephone and a computer to be integrated or coordinated. As contact channels have expanded from voice to include email, web, and fax, the definition of CTI has expanded to include the integration of all customer contact channels (voice, email, web, fax, etc.) with computer systems.

Voice Messaging

Voice Messaging is a technology that delivers prerecorded phone messages to answering machines or to individuals. The PACER auto dialer phone system calls targeted numbers and when it detects answering machines, leaves the perfect message. The quality of the voice message is so clear that you cannot tell the difference between an actual person and the voice broadcasting technology. Should there be a live answer the same or a different message will be left, or the call can be automatically transferred to a live agent. You will have the option to speak directly to the prospect/recipient. This is truly a new level in Direct Marketing Software that works well with both Business to Business and Business to Consumer markets.

IP Solutions

Now you can extend the reach of the contact centre and harness the unprecedented potential of the Internet by implementing IP Contact Centre solutions. Taking advantage of powerful Voice over IP technology, the customers can find it easier to do business with you and enjoy seamless access to the best possible service - anytime, anywhere. IP Contact Centre solutions enable you to create a virtual call centre that spans wide geographic areas and crosses multiple time zones, ensuring the best- agent available handles each caller's needs promptly.

Visit and get a free quote for Call Centre Software and start making smarter business decisions today.

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