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Call Centre Solutions  

Call Centre Solutions

Want improved communication with your customers, achieving productivity and efficiency gains at the same time? The answer is with UK's leader in Call Centre Solutions, expert in inbound and outbound, virtual contact centres, call handling, telemarketing, online service call centres, IP solutions and much more.

The way that a company interacts and communicates with its customers is imperative to its long term business success. Increasingly, organizations are employing advanced communications mechanisms to streamline the customer interaction process. While this can lead to efficiency improvements, it may not always lead to a better customer service experience - unless it is introduced by the right team of technology specialists.

Call Centre Solutions questions

I would benefit from better inbound call management, but cannot justify the costs for a call centre

Whilst a straightforward hunt group may be insufficient for your company's needs, a site based call centre solution may be simply too expensive to consider. offers a feature rich but cost effective solution to managing inbound calls, it benefits from an efficient 'pay as you grow' cost model, enabling you to expand your call centre as and when you need to.

I need to see statistics on our inbound calls offers managers to view information on inbound calls, queue performance and individual agent performance. This visibility of crucial management information enables your organization to manage staffing levels more effectively, monitor call centre performance and improve your customer service whilst increasing business productivity and efficiency.

I'm concerned that a call centre will be very complex

As a fully integrated part of our core hosted voice service, Premiercallcentre offers an extremely simple to setup, administer and use service. Agents are provided with a highly intuitive desktop application that provides them with quick and easy control of inbound calls. It enables them to set their call status, answer and process calls, view contact directories and escalate calls all at the click of a mouse button. Supervisors benefit from a range of management and reporting features via the application which are equally easy to use.

My business needs a call centre, but my premises are at capacity

The hosted nature of enables your organization to fully embrace the benefits of home-working. Not only does it allow your business to grow without having to expand your premises, it also enables you to capitalize on part time workers, or those who require flexible working hours. This enables busy periods to be more effectively managed whilst increasing the efficiency of staffing costs.

Our inbound call volumes vary enormously and sometimes we don't have enough lines to cope

With a site based solution, the capacity to handle inbound calls is dictated by the lines into the building. This means when at capacity any additional callers will receive busy tone. As is a hosted service, the capacity to manage inbound calls is effectively unlimited, enabling callers to still receive your greeting and be queued in our network until one of your agents becomes available.
*'Pay as you grow' pricing model - pay for what you need, when you need it.
*Staff efficiency - bring part time, home-worker staff online during peak periods.
*Intuitive desktop application - no lengthy training process for staff.
*Customer service - monitors and manage call queue and call agent performance.
*Network hosted - hugely scalable, removed line congestion, inherent business continuity.
*Virtual call centre - a fully featured, supervised call centre with home-worker staff anywhere in the UK - no premises costs, flexible working hours for agents, reduced carbon emissions.

How can we help you?

As an established contact centre solutions provider, products and services are used in hundreds of hosted call centres within the public services, financial services, retail, healthcare, utilities, and service bureau industries. also takes pride in providing a personal service - we take ownership of the customer and the life cycle we have with them. We work in partnership with them and act as an extension of their business, providing them both technology and the appropriate service and support. Contact us today and ask to walk you through the training and check everything for these criteria’s.

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Are you looking for an 'Award Winning' Call Centre?

Premier Call Centre are able to take your calls efficiently and professionally helping your Business, or Organisation run as smoothly and cost effectively as possible. Call us today on 0871 875 7000 for a FREE no obligation quote.

UK Contact Centre

Our service standards are not only second to none, but we can also save you significant time as well as money. Our Call Centre can work out far cheaper for you to employ us to support your calls than employ your own team of staff. Call today!

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Premier Call Centre News:

Indian call centre executive sends terror emails

 An Indian call centre manager decided to test the police in Mumbai by sending terror emails.

South Africa becoming contender for call centre business

South Africa, and especially Cape Town, is growing as an international hub for off shore service providers.  

Emergency call centre to move out of Oxfordshire

 The Fire Brigade Union have said they will fight to keep an emergency call centre in Oxfordshire.

Santander saves 300 call centre jobs

 The call centre, previously run by the Royal Bank of Scotland, is going to be taken over by Santander saving almost 300 jobs.


Call centre staff asked to work longer into the evenings and on Sundays

 Call centre staff working for Thomas Cook are in discussions with the management who want to extend their working hours into the evenings up to 10pm and on Sundays.

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