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IVR Hosting  

IVR Hosting

IVR Hosting is an affordable solution for your company. For most small to medium sized companies whether a contre centre or simular, the thought of investing in a fully featured IVR system can quite simply be too much, offer an IVR hosting solution that is affordable, feature rich and maintenance free. With IVR hosting there is no need for a large initial financial investment; all the necessary IVR hosting hardware is located at our secure premises. This also eradicates the need for on-site maintenance and support, leaving all the worries to the supplier. We will work with you to ascertain your company’s individual IVR needs, enabling us to configure our IVR hosting systems to your own company.

Major Benefits of IVR Hosting

  • With IVR hosting there is no large initial financial outlay
  • A good IVR system reduces call handling costs
  • Provides 24 x 7 availability to customers and employees
  • Is configured to suit a company’s own individual requirements
  • Allows employees to concentrate on more important matters
  • Access to daily call reports
  • Promotes a consistent professional image of your company
  • With IVR hosting solutions there is no need for on-site maintenance/support
  • With Hosted IVR solutions there is no programming or integration required
  • Call diversion to our in-house call centre, direct to your office, any remote office, or to an email-enabled voicemail box
  • Payment collection details sent securely in real-time where appropriate

How can someone benefit from your IVR hosting solution if they already have an in house IVR system?

An IVR hosting solution is designed specifically with the needs of your business in mind. Also an IVR hosting solution from provides clients with call handling and routing capabilities, which are normally only available with the most expensive IVR (CPE) systems, as well as real time call logging and reporting abilities.

How would a small company benefit from IVR hosting?

IVR hosting provides your company with an affordable tailored solution. IVR hosting allows small companies to take advantage of technology normally only associated with much larger corporations, allowing them to handle calls more efficiently and by letting their already busy employees concentrate on more important matters. You would never miss another call and would require no technical staff to maintain the system. In fact IVR hosting is the ideal solution for any small company wanting to promote a consistent, professional company image. specialize in providing small to medium sized companies with IVR hosting solutions that are both practical and affordable.

IVR Hosted platform

Hosted IVR enables you to quickly and easily create web-based interactive voice response applications without any programming.

Using Hosted IVR for Your Business

Automatically qualify leads, process orders, offload call centers and more using interactive voice response technology.

Key Features of Hosted IVR

  • Instant & easy IVR set up: In days, hours or even minutes you can create a sophisticated interactive voice response application that normally takes weeks to develop.
  • Develop an IVR system without programming: Hosted IVR is configured from an easy-to-use website, and can be integrated with any Web development environment. There's no need to hire an IVR developer or learn a proprietary development language.
  • Online IVR configuration and real-time updates: As easily as filling out a form on a website, you can configure your business's interactive voice response system from the web. Update your IVR in real-time, and build an unlimited number of IVR menus.
  • Easily integrate IVR with software and web applications: For example, with basic web development skills, you could easily set up an IVR to prompt a customer for their customer ID, post the ID back to your web server and look up your customer's order status.

Hosted IVR platform provides the ideal environment for hosting IVR applications which meet the needs of mission critical and large scale deployments. Our multi-tenant hosted solution is also an excellent option for smaller IVR deployments or pilot IVR applications.

Our IVR platform combines leading interactive voice response and speech recognition technology with SMS and internet services to give multi-channel potential and is being used by major high street banks and retail organisations for multiple applications.

The flexibility of our hosted IVR infrastructure ensures that additional capacity can be brought online in a short space of time when required.

IVR, speech recognition and data applications are distributed across two geographically separate sites using a telco-grade infrastructure incorporating full dual-site redundancy. Un-interrupted 24x7 service is provided via automatic re-routing of calls should any delivery problems occur at a single point.

Management Information is provided to when customers need it. Data is delivered to the client’s chosen destination via their preferred route which can include remote access through a browser application or information can be encrypted and sent electronically on a scheduled basis. Both options support the integration of information with on-premise in-house applications and systems.

Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) IVR or Hosted IVR The Choice Is Yours

CPE – This is equipment that is purchased or leased by a customer and is then located, hosted and maintained at the customers site. For most companies this is an expensive way of harnessing the power a good IVR system can bring to any business due to the initial cost of the hardware and installation work that would be required. For those companies that have the necessary funding for CPE there are of course benefits as well as drawbacks. CPE allows you to take full control of your IVR system and will also allow for future company expansion, though many hosted IVR solutions do allow for this also. The main drawback to CPE IVR systems is that you would need continuing technical support and maintenance either from your own internal staff or outsourced to the IVR system provider.

IVR Hosting - If a customer prefers not to host an IVR system on their premises, is restricted by location, lacks IT support or quite simply cannot withstand the initial financial outlay required for outright purchase then a remote IVR hosting solution that can be tailored to a company’s requirements could be the answer. This option is particularly attractive for small to medium sized businesses who wish to take advantage of a fully featured Interactive Voice Response system, with a vastly reduced initial capital outlay, as well as eradicating the need for system IT maintenance, and support.

Whichever form of IVR system you decide to implement, it is better to ask the advice of experts before you go ahead and purchase any hardware or sign any form of lease agreement. A good IVR systems provider or IVR hosting company will take the time to sit down with you and discuss your requirements in detail before helping you make a decision on what type of system you should opt for.

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