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Call Centre Services  

Call Centre Services

At we offer Call Centre services that incorporate technology and professionalism all in one. Our Call Centre services strives to offer businesses nationwide with the latest in technology for your entire call centre outsourcing needs and much more. We can accommodate your company Call Centre services by incorporating a custom package to your exact specifications.

Call Centre Answering Service

Usually offer 24x7 live answering service and web-enabled solutions that are tailored to the company's exact needs including live Internet operators and live receptionists for appointment taking, seminar registrations, and order taking services. Communications in answering services offering the latest in technology to build smart solutions with worry free capabilities tailored to suit the client. Offering live answering service will cover any volume of call flows or online services with prompt courteous operators. Some of the current call centre services include; medical and legal answering services for doctors and lawyers, order taking answering service for catalog & retail companies, seminar registration, Internet answering service and so much more.

Inbound & Outbound Telemarketing Services

This offers facilities that can handle thousands of inbound outbound telemarketing calls per day, as well as making scripted inbound and outbound calls to potential customers. This service is be used for inbound and outbound overflow calls into your own call centre as well as hosting complete outsourcing of all your call centre needs. With inbound telemarketing traffic your business will prosper and your customers will get that personal touch when their call is handled.

Other Services & Facts

24 Hour order centre: Operators answer all your direct market sales calls and handles multiple calls and orders for your product or service giving you more time to concentrate on your business.

Seminar Registration: Processing information necessary to register attendees at your company's seminars, meetings, marketing campaigns, conventions, corporate gatherings or meetings.

Customer Service / Product Information: Gives customers answers to questions that they have about your products. Operators have their answers; straight from your data will give your customers a real person to speak to creating a personal relationship with them, while being informative.

Credit Card Verification and Authorization On-line: Gives automatic verification of transactions made over the telephone or internet.

Dealer Locate Service: Helps customers easily find locations nearest to them, where they can obtain your products and services

Internet Order Delivery: Helps deliver orders to you over the internet-mail invoices, instant web sales.

Fax Express - Orders Printed Directly to your Fax Machines:  Helps generate fax orders almost instantly, giving you the customer service edge and speed.

Voice Mailbox Services: Private phone numbers caller id available on all messages, Pager notification, Text to wireless device messaging and text to phone messaging. National Toll Free number voicemail access. Your customers can activate multi layer menus geared to particular items of interest to them or revert to live operator assistance in our call centre.
Custom Scripting Software Saves Time on the Phone: Operators work from custom scripts and dropdown menus in order to impart accurate answers provided by you. Directly to your customers, exactly when they want it.

Internet Operators: Give your Customers Instant Access: Instant access to your business via the internet with live operators taking the calls

Live Answering Service: Operator assisted messaging, live callbacks, paging, wireless messaging and more.

Automated Voice form Ordering: Interactive phone form takes all pertinent information for automated ordering

Generated reports: Monthly / Bi Monthly / Weekly: Monitor your sales, call volume, customer satisfaction. See where customers learned about your business

Off-Site Phone Receptionist: Need someone to answer your phone because you're too busy with business? Trained telecommunications specialists take calls and forward it to your desk or voicemail. Call screening for those important clients, partners, customers.

Executive Telephone Secretaries: Need an executive communicator? They are a right hand ear and voice.

Emergency Dispatching: Building maintenance, Medical alerts, Towing Companies, Corporate security, Public Relations.....

Job Applicant Screening: They are personnel trained to screen applicants for a company's openings taking the burden off your staff.
Ad Response: Sales Responses and order taking from print ads, the internet, television and radio answered.
Test Marketing: Telephone surveys made simple for any purpose. Name the statistic, the sky is the limit.

Surveys: Process fast accurate sales data, voting preferences and gather feedback on products or services sold.

Appointment Taking / Confirmation: Service calls, sales calls, professional visits, transportation appointments made and confirmed by live operators.

National Toll Free phone Lines: Businesses favorite customer draw tool the toll free number for your business.

Fast Data Transfer: Rapid transfer of orders, data and messaging over high speed connections

Internet Portability Options: Anywhere accesses to your messages through internet access no matter where you are.

Visit and get a free quote for Call Centre Services and start making smarter business decisions today.


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Our service standards are not only second to none, but we can also save you significant time as well as money. Our Call Centre can work out far cheaper for you to employ us to support your calls than employ your own team of staff. Call today!

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Premier Call Centre News:

Indian call centre executive sends terror emails

 An Indian call centre manager decided to test the police in Mumbai by sending terror emails.

South Africa becoming contender for call centre business

South Africa, and especially Cape Town, is growing as an international hub for off shore service providers.  

Emergency call centre to move out of Oxfordshire

 The Fire Brigade Union have said they will fight to keep an emergency call centre in Oxfordshire.

Santander saves 300 call centre jobs

 The call centre, previously run by the Royal Bank of Scotland, is going to be taken over by Santander saving almost 300 jobs.


Call centre staff asked to work longer into the evenings and on Sundays

 Call centre staff working for Thomas Cook are in discussions with the management who want to extend their working hours into the evenings up to 10pm and on Sundays.

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