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Compliance Handling  

Compliance Handling

At, our team closely monitors and maintains complete compliance handling standards.  We can help any call centre review their operations in view of current and active compliance handling, and assist you with any necessary adjustments to your processes or operations.  Simply put, we can give you the peace of mind that you are in compliance handling, and help you stay that way.

What is Compliance Handling?

Compliance Handling refers to systems or departments at corporations and public agencies to ensure that personnel are aware of and take steps to comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Compliance Handling in the UK

There is considerable regulation in the UK, some of which is from EU legislation. Various areas are policed by different bodies, such as the FSA (Financial Services Authority), Environment Agency and Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Information Commissioner's Office and others.

Important compliance issues for all organizations large and small include the Data Protection Act 1998 and, for the public sector, Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Definitions Related to Compliance Handling

Compliance handling data is defined as all data belonging or pertaining to enterprise or included in the law, which can be used for the purpose of implementing or validating compliance. It is the set of all data that is relevant to a governance officer or to a court of law for the purposes of validating consistency, completeness, or compliance.

Compliance handling is a top of mind issue for contact centres, especially those conducting outbound campaigns. Enterprises and nonprofits alike need to stay within what is often a confusing and ever-changing set of laws and regulations.
Here are five compliance tips:
1.   Have knowledge of the rules
2.   Have written compliance guidelines
3.   Meet recordkeeping requirements
4.   Have mutually-supportive due diligence
5.   Have a defendable position

Even the most sophisticated firms have compliance issues. Constant vigilance to know the requirements and ongoing diligence to verify that your firm meets those requirements is crucial in avoiding potential mistakes.

Compliance handling is ultimately about listening to and respecting the wishes of customers, which includes taking every necessary step to obey the laws and regulations that had been passed and set up in response to their concerns about telemarketing practices. By following the above guidance from industry experts on regulatory compliance you can help ensure that your people, process, and technology are all supporting a consumer-friendly approach to outbound call centre services.

Other compliance recommendations:

1. Understand your country regulations and how they apply to different industries.
2. Invest in compliance from a monetary stand point and a personnel standpoint.
3. Commitment to compliance must be from the top down.
4. Continually audit business and IT processes.
5. Stay on top of emerging technology.
6. Respect consumer’s global and individual preferences, or ‘contact governance’.
7. Use multiple channels: not just phone, e-mail, or fax-only.
8. Think globally.
9. Tap into your exemptions and existing business relationships i.e. your customers, and fund raisers.

At UK's leader in Compliance handling, we cover all aspects of the industry. Our office is centralized and used for the purpose for Compliance handling. We work as an advisor to companies to support and advice on any business solution.

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